Employee Monitoring Myths: Misconceptions and why they’re wrong

In past one year the virus has broken through cultural and technological barriers that prevented remote work in the past and work from home has become the new normal.

Organizations will have to adjust their working culture to get potential productivity gains from remote work. The potential for remote work is determined by tasks and activities.

It's no secret that companies monitor their employees, but the reality of today's work environment means a lot of people are uncomfortable with this. To dispel some common misconceptions about employee monitoring, we'll take a look at the most popular myths and why they're wrong.

Employee monitoring gets an unpleasant rap these days. Though previously thought of as a tool to micromanage or spy, it is possible to monitor employees respectfully and legally. The key is transparency and teamwork.

With a teamwork approach, businesses can implement an employee monitoring platform that provides insightful data. Employee monitoring technology isn’t meant to spy on employees or impact their privacy.

Still unconvinced? Let’s examine some common misconceptions of employee monitoring software and why each one is false.

“Employee monitoring is prohibited.”

In the common instances, workplace monitoring is legal. And in most countries, permission isn’t needed by the employee if they’re using company-owned equipment. If the company holds the computers,they’re legally allowed to monitor all activity on the device, including email when sent through the company’s internet.

However, to get the planned value out of tracking software, employers should be completely transparent about its implementation and usage. Clarifying what the monitoring software is, how it works, why it’s needed, how it will help the team, and talking about any privacy concerns.

“Monitoring employees occupy privacy.”

Nowadays whole privacy concept is a myth you will be amazed to know that Google, Facebook exactly know our location and what we are doing?

Employees don’t like the idea of someone “watching their every single move.” It’s weird! Situations exist where employees use work computers for personal reasons.

You shouldn’t be totally restrictive about internet usage. It is possible to agree on the personal and professional usage of company-owned machines, especially if you design an internet usage policy that has boundaries for internet use.

It’s important to stress to your team that you aren’t watching them; you’re separating data. You’re not concerned about one or two social media check-ins, an email to a spouse, and passwords.

The final aim of employee monitoring is to empower employees and to help the team achieve success.

“Only management profits from employee monitoring.”

If you have confidence in this one, you’re short-changing the team productivity! Employees can gain all sorts of benefits when a monitoring program is in place.

First and foremost, employees could enjoy a flexible work environment. They can log from anywhere and get to know about the work and finish within time.

A truly priceless result of employee monitoring is something that many people don’t even imagine it.

You can get the comprehensive data of all the productive employee and you can share with the employees so that they can work on it to be more productive within working hours.

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“Employers don’t need to monitor when they can use timesheets instead.”

Old-fashioned timesheets are so outdated! They depend on humans which not so reliable and accurate

Previously timesheets also don’t give complete reports about how time is spent. There’s no data conveyed that will help the team improve efficiency & productivity.

Employee monitoring software provides an automated timesheet which will help to get the proper data and know how many hours employees spent productively

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“When employees become aware of monitoring software, they will become disheartened.”

When the software is executed properly, the exact reverse of this myth is true!

Each information and data offered by the employee monitoring software work together to increase team productivity, engagement, confidence, and incentive.

Software like Time Champ with multiple features can help managers identify employees who need to be more productive. Company growth will go one step beyond employee monitoring software.

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