Employee Monitoring in a Remote Environment: Tips for Success

Monitoring your employees remotely is a difficult task. It requires much more than just a software solution.

It's important to have a clear understanding of the company culture, as well as what is expected from employees in terms of work ethic and performance.

And it's important to take into account how different cultures view things like hierarchy and autonomy.

In this post, we share some key tips for successfully deploying employee monitoring in remote environments - so you can keep those slackers off your back without ever leaving your desk

1. Hire employees who are comfortable with shifting hierarchies and having autonomy over their workday.

2. Incentivize performance by rewarding innovative ideas or helpful contributions.

3. Understand and respect cultural differences.

4. The manager should be well-travelled and culturally sensitive.

5. Create opportunities for employees to interact in person.

6. Use software solutions that can integrate with your company’s culture and policies.

7. To be flexible in your expectations of productivity when you're dealing with a global workforce.

8. Always communicate frequently and clearly with employees.

9. Set clear expectations for sales calls, calls to clients, bringing high-level contacts into the office for meetings, etc.

10. Make sure that employees understand their roles and responsibilities within the company.

11. Make sure to establish firm, clear expectations for your employees who are traveling.

12. Use technology that can help you stay in touch with employee’s constantly a simple tool Time Champ can help you to get the productivity update of your employee.

13. Because your company might have a culture of productivity at all costs, you must be willing to invest in software solutions that can help you achieve those goals as well as encourage engagement and performance management, as well as monitoring.

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