How to Track Team Productivity and Improve Performance in 2021

In the last decade, remote- and home-based work has grown in both popularity and prevalence.

With the rapid increase in remote work do want to know how to track team productivity?

Companies owners & management are often worried about how productive their team members are during remote work.

However, tracking your team’s productivity can be challenging especially in a remote work environment.

Luckily, with the right team monitoring software, productivity management becomes cheery on the cake.

We’ll cover everything you need to know about tracking team productivity let you know about a great productivity management tool and discusses why you should measure team performance.

What is Team Productivity?

Team productivity is a measure of activities performed for quality output in a specific amount of time. It also involves raising the satisfaction of employees and providing the necessary tools to perform the tasks with complete efficiency.

Usually, it’s measured against some key performance metrics, such as:

  • How team work contributes to the company’s growth.
  • The number of projects completed in a given time.
  • The number of leads they converted to business.
  • Work efficiency during working hours.
  • Team productivity metrics and measure varies from company to company.

    How Can You Track Team Productivity?

    As a company owner, you need to continually monitor your team’s productivity for the growth of an organization.

    There are many ways to analyze team effectiveness and their productivity but to keep a measure of each employee by their team lead or management is very challenging.

    Productivity metric software can help you track employee productivity and make better decisions.

    The Perfect Tool to Track Team Productivity: Time Champ

    There are many employee productivity tracking software tools that can help you track team productivity in a remote work environment.

    Some of these productivity monitoring tools are known for their employee-friendly features and comprehensive reports.

    One such productivity software is Time Champ.

    What’s Time Champ?

    Time Champ is the perfect performance management software to track team productivity.

    Time Champ helps companies unlock productivity potential with feature-rich automatic time tracking and productivity measurement software. It can help boost your productivity by 20% to 30% and improve employee morale like never before.

    Key Features 1. Comprehensive Productivity Reports

    Time Champ automates the productivity analysis process with its productivity reports and gives you valuable insights that help boost team productivity.

    Here’s a quick look at some of the reports that you get with Time Champ:

  • Determine the time each team member spends on work & breaks.
  • Get real-time reports of your team’s active time.
  • With unique feature to know the productive time, unproductive time & idle time.
  • 2. Live video and Screenshots

    Time Champ lets you capture screenshots of your employee’s computer screen during work hours.

    This optional feature allows the team leads or admin to:

  • View and download screencasts.
  • See desktop of the employee live during working hours.
  • 3. Idle Time Tracking

    Time Champ uses the idle time tracking feature to ensure that your entire team is staying active during work hours.

    What is idle time?

    Idle time is a minute or second with no employee activity, i.e., no keyboard strokes or mouse movements.

    This can help you with hourly working remote employees or your freelancers to review and understand their inactive time.

    4. Precise Time Tracking

    Time Champ allows you to manage employee time precisely.

    To use time tracking manually you just have to click on the “Start” button. Time Champ will operate in the background and track time spent on different task & activities.

    You can use the “Pause” button to stop the timer when you’re done with a task or want to take a break.

    5. Automatic Timesheets

    Time Champ generates an automated timesheet as per the hour worked by freelancers or remote employees on a daily and monthly basis.

    To get more insight just Book a Demo and get more details.

    Why Should You Measure Your Team’s Productivity?

    Many organizations have doubts as to why measuring team productivity is so important, listed below are some of the key benefits

  • Focus on profits and company growth
  • Getting the job done on time
  • Time management during remote work
  • Feedback and peer assessment
  • Monitoring employee growth
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Eliminates Micromanagement
  • As every company if different there can be many other benefits to measuring team productivity in addition to those listed above.

    Some Tips to Improve Team Productivity

    Here are some easy way to boost team productivity

    1. Equip your team with tech and productivity tools. Time Champ is a great option Book a Demo to boost your productivity.

    2. Ensure a positive and supportive work environment.

    3. Use a productivity tracking tool like Time Champ to see which employees are most productive and reward them.

    4. Regular feedback from management, customers, and higher authorities will help teams to improve their productivity.

    5. Listen carefully and encourage back and forth communication.

    Wrapping Up

    In 2021 tracking a team’s productivity is not a big challenge.

    With the proper tools and techniques, we can empower our team productivity and make our company grow maximum with ease.

    Use the above tips and tools to get maximum output. To get ahead of your competitor Sign up with Time Champ.