5 Remote Team Management Mistakes to Avoid

Remote teams can be hugely beneficial, but they also come with plenty of challenges.

To ensure your remote team is operating successfully, you need to schedule regular check-ins and work to foster trust amongst members.

But, as with many things, it’s easy for companies to make common management mistakes.

In this blog, we’ll outline 5 remote team management mistakes to avoid.

Mistake#1: Not getting to know your team members well enough

Getting to know your team members requires a deep level of trust and acceptance – not just from them but from yourself as a leader.

Digging deeper into the lives of your team members will also allow you to identify potential crises before they occur, which helps you better plan for the future.

Mistake#2: Not setting clear expectations

Having clear expectations is essential for any team, but it becomes even more important when working with a remote team.

It’s easy to assume that your team understands exactly what you want, but it’s important to spell out your expectations in plain language. This will save time and prevent confusion.

Mistake#3: Not following up on tasks immediately

As a manager, your job is to make sure everyone on your team is happy and productive.

One of the best ways to do this is by providing instant feedback when you notice someone doing well or making an error.

This type of feedback keeps things fresh and ensures that everyone is operating at their potential.

Mistake#4: Having imprecise conversations

When working with remote teams, it’s all too easy to get distracted by other projects and forget what you were talking about.

Don’t let this happen! Build a work schedule that doesn’t allow for imprecise conversations.

If you need to schedule a meeting with someone, make sure you schedule it!

And if you need to make an important phone call, but the information right in your calendar and stay on top of it.

Mistake#5: You don’t update them as much as you should

Unless you have a very small team, your employees will probably have specific specialties that align with their skills.

Events can unfold at quick speed when you’re running a company.

Since transparency is the remote workplace is essential, make an effort to keep your team clued in on the latest news, and in particular, how it might affect them.

Feeling informed will make them feel valued and feel like they matter.

Wrapping up:

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