4 Facts You Didn’t Know About the Remote Workforce

The remote workforce is on the rise, but there are still a lot of misconceptions about remote work in different countries.

Here are four facts you didn't know about remote work in America.

1. Remote work is in demand across all industries

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, in April 2018, 42% percent of employed Americans were "self-employed," which includes freelancers and independent contractors.

That's up from just 26% percent in 1997. With that being said, even though more jobs being done remotely now than ever before, many people have misconceptions that it's just for creative types or consultants—but freelance jobs span every industry and skill level possible.

2. Remote work isn't just a millennial thing

According to a 2020 poll from Flex Jobs, millennials are more likely to work remotely than older generations.

In fact, 61% of millennials surveyed said they were "enthusiastic" about the prospect of working from home, while only 42% of Generation X-errs and 32% of baby boomers felt the same way.

But the data shows that remote work is gaining popularity across age groups.

3. Remote workers aren't all freelancing full-time

According to a study by Global Workplace Analytics, 72% of people who telecommute do so at least 1 day per month for their primary employer.

So while we hear a lot about freelancing and remote jobs, there's a lot of people who work remotely and full-time for their primary job.

4. Remote work isn't just technology-related

While remote work is most often associated with tech companies, according to The Balance, there are remote opportunities in pretty much every industry.

Whether you're in the arts, healthcare, retail, education, science… there's a job out there for you!

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